Lewis Oliver Farm

The historic Lewis Oliver Farm, located in Northport Village, NY, is a cherished community landmark dating back to the 1800’s. Once a working dairy, the farm remains a favorite gathering place in the community and is now a sanctuary and home to all of our resident animals including Annabelle the cow, Willie the rooster, Ezra and Onyx the alpacas and their many friends including goats, sheep, geese, chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, bunnies and cats.

Generations of families and friends from within and around the community continue the tradition of visiting the farm where they can spend time with the animals, browse through the Lewis Oliver Country Store and enjoy this uniquely special piece of Northport’s history.

The farm was privately owned up until 2007 when it was jointly purchased by the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County as a means to preserve it.  The farm is managed by the volunteer members of Friends of the Farm and through their efforts, has remained opened for all to enjoy with no admission fees of any kind.

The farm is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. The Lewis Oliver Country Store is open from early Spring to late Fall on Saturdays 11am-2pm and during the summer months for our Farm Friday event from 6-8:30pm.

We hope you can come by soon for a visit… the animals are waiting!

Friends of the Farm

Friends of the Farm is a volunteer-based, 501c-3 not-for-profit organization responsible for providing day to day care for the animals at the Lewis Oliver Farm and preserving and maintaining the barns and property.

Since ALL animal-care related costs are funded through private donations, Friends of the Farm is also responsible for planning and managing all fundraising events and other initiatives to raise the money needed to feed, house and provide veterinarian care for the animals.

The Lewis Oliver Farm is EVERYONE’S farm! Preserving the farm and caring for the animals is a community effort and we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. Whether you are interested in hands-on animal care, working in the country store, special projects or helping with fundraising efforts, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please call 631.261.6320 or email us at friendsofthefarm@ymail.com for more information. Or LIKE and follow us on Facebook.com/LewisOliverFarm




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