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Our alpacas, Ezra and Onyx are getting sheared this week. It always amazes us to see just how slight they really are under all that wool- they look like the letter “L” with legs!

A freshly sheared Ezra. (Spring 2011)

Originating from the Andes Mountains of South America, alpacas are not well adapted to handle the high humidity and heat we experience in our region. Shearing helps the animal lose heat through evaporation and is one of the most important ways to help keep them cool in the coming summer months.

In addition to having them sheared for the season, we provide Ezra and 20120416-112508.jpgOnyx with a kiddie pool which they will stand and lay in to help cool themselves off since alpacas regulate their body temperature through the bottoms of their feet and from their underbellies. Many alpaca farms with large herds of animals will set up soaking hoses for their animals to stand over.


To date, we have not witnessed Ezra and Onyx wading in their pool, but we know they are using it since the water doesn’t stay clean for very long. (Perhaps they prefer moonlit dips?) Maybe this year we’ll catch them in the act! In the meantime, here are some great pics we found of alpacas from other farms enjoying their pools.

Don’t forget to bring your camera along when visiting the farm this summer…you never know when you might find Ezra and Onyx relaxing in their pool!