Getting Ready for the Warm Weather

Today was shearing day for our alpacas Ezra and Onyx and two of our sheep, Sheila and Stewie. They were very cooperative and brave while Pete and Jenny sheared them, examined their teeth and trimmed their hooves. Stop by the farm this week to see them in their new haircuts!

Our other three sheep, Bitsie, Salt and Pepper will be sheared at the Huntington Historical Society’s Sheep to Shawl Festival on Sunday,  May 6th. This is a fun outdoor, educational event. Stop by if you can!  For more information visit the Huntington Historical Society events page.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our shearing day at the Lewis Oliver Farm:

Stewie Getting Sheared (OMG, this is so humiliating!)20120418-210237.jpg

Ezra and Onyx before 20120418-210335.jpg

Ezra and Onyx head to the Barber’s Chair20120418-210343.jpg

Ezra getting sheared20120418-210355.jpg

I’m a Little nervous, Salem…is this going to hurt?


Onyx’s Turn20120418-210408.jpg

It’s OK,Onyx…I’m right here Watching Over you.


Jenny Brushes off the loose wool 20120418-210441.jpg

That was the longest 10 minutes of my life…I missed you!


Is it really you? You Look… Different.20120418-210510.jpg

A little roll in the dirt..So much for a clean coat!


Sheila Freshly Sheared20120418-211315.jpg

A Still Embarrassed Stewie Looks Away from the camera