What A Great Day!

Today was our Annual Spring Clean-Up Day and thanks to all of the volunteers who were able to come out and help, it was a total success! We got so much accomplished today from property clean up, painting and seeding to preparing the animals’ enclosures and barns for the warm weather ahead. The farm is now in top shape and we’re really looking forward to welcoming the influx of visitors which the approaching warm weather will undoubetedly bring.

Here are some pictures of our volunteers hard at work today:

The Boy Scouts helped spread mulch 20120421-191448.jpg

The Belgian blocks got reset



Students for 60k weeded their garden20120421-191553.jpg

The alpacas’ paddock was raked and seeded20120421-191800.jpg

The tractor barn doors got painted


Tiny the pig’s house was aired out…


And cleaned out!


Amy takes a break with “Big”


And Tiny…well, he just took one long break!20120421-191839.jpg