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Sweet Sheila

20120506-134048.jpgWhen you spend as much time with the animals as our volunteer caretakers do, you begin to understand just how special and unique each and every one of the animals are in both their personalities and behaviors. Every animal has their own story to tell and Sheila is no exception…she’s one special sheep!

Sheila, a Rambouillet sheep,  came to the Lewis Oliver Farm about four years ago when her former owners at Angel’s Gate animal hospice and sanctuary relocated their operation from Fort Salonga, Long Island to a farm in upstate NY. They were very careful in selecting a new home for Sheila and knew that she would be in good hands at the Lewis Oliver Farm!
Sheila had a rough start in life. As a lamb, she was purchased as a gag gift to be given to someone for their 50th birthday bash celebration. The recipient soon realized that sheep, just like all other  animals, are a long-term commitment and responsibility that require proper care and maintenance to ensure their well-being. They are not meant to be purchased on impulse or given as unexpected novelty or gag gifts.
Luckily, Angel’s Gate rescued Sheila from the situation but not before some damage was done. Sheila was not given the proper nutrition as a lamb and as a result, was frequently sick growing up.
Despite her unfortunate start in life, Sheila is now a well adjusted, healthy and happy sheep.20120506-134448.jpg
Her unique look and her deep, baritone bleat really sets her apart from the flock.
Sheila loves to have her ears scratched and to have her hay rations fed to her by hand. At 12 years old, Sheila is a senior gal  but we often forget her age as she has a real spring in her step that helps her keep up with the rest of the  flock!
Say a special hello to Sheila next time you’re at the farm…she’ll love the attention and you’ll have a new friend for life!