Annual Appeal

stewie-website-imageCommunity Appeal

Dear Friends,

You have probably heard the expression “counting sheep” but have you ever met a sheep who could count? Well, we have and his name is Stewie!

Stewie lives right here at the historic Lewis Oliver Farm with Annabelle the cow, Ezra and Onyx the alpacas and many other barnyard friends.

Stewie enjoys counting all kinds of things around the farm, like the number of people in the community who come to visit him each day and how many celery stalks he can eat in an hour. And since ALL animal care-related costs are funded solely through private donation, Stewie also counts on the continued support and generosity of everyone in the community to help keep him and his friends well cared for and their home-our farm, intact.

But of all the things Stewie likes to count, his favorites are his blessings and the many wonderful things there are to love about the Lewis Oliver Farm!

Just to count a few…Stewie LOVES the fact that:

1. Over 2,000 friends and neighbors in the community successfully petitioned to save the farm back in 2007 and today, an average of 300 people enjoy visiting the farm each week!

2. The farm is managed entirely by volunteers and since it’s open year-round with no admission fees of any kind, it’s an affordable source of recreation for everyone in the community to enjoy.

3. With so many ongoing farm-improvement projects underway, the animals’ lives and the smiles of all those who love to visit them continue to get a little brighter each and every day!

4. The animals wake up every morning to the smell of fresh, yummy hay and they fall asleep each night in a clean barn, atop fresh, dry bedding.

5. The animals always receive veterinarian care when needed such as the time Stewie injured his leg and when annual immunizations are due.

6. The animals are professionally sheared and receive periodic hoof care to help keep them healthy and comfortable throughout the seasons.

7. An army of caring volunteers including the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and local student groups delivered this letter to you in the hope that the farm will go on for generations to come!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today so that the farm may continue to be here tomorrow. Let’s give Stewie and everyone in the community even more reasons to love the Lewis Oliver Farm by showing our support. After all, they’re counting on us!

With gratitude,

Friends of the Farm


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