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For information on farm-related news, events, and volunteer opportunities, please contact us at (631) 261-6320 or email us at or via


2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Ann Marie said:

    Hi. Saw your signs in the Northport harbor area. I live in Huntington village. Three black cats with yellow eyes have appeared during the past year. Fed them throughout the winter, when they came here. Any chance your cat could have come this far? Have tried to call them Salem. One is the most friendly, the other two are skittish- and not approachable. There are many other cats outside our home. They all arrive around 5 AM and combat a nursing raccoon for food…….
    You are welcome to come and see/call for yourself.
    Ann Marie

    • friendsofthefarm said:

      Hi Ann Marie..I am just seeing your message now on our website..the notifications aren’t working. Do you still see the black kitties by you? Salem is still missing. Are the black cats a trio or are they coming one at a time to your home?

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