Friday, July 29th 2016

Hi everyone! Beginning this Friday night, and occurring every Friday night in July and August from now until the end of this summer, we will be hosting a fun new event at the farm called, “Farm Fridays!”


barn photo 2



Head on down to the farm between the hours of 6PM & 8:30PM to partake in fun family-friendly games and activities, snack on delicious watermelon and browse our shop filled with toys, books, animal-friendly, cruelty-free snacks and much more!

This upcoming Friday night (7/29/16) we will be having a Penny War between the chickens and the goats of Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary! For every penny that you donate to Team Chickens/Team Goats they will get +1 point, for every nickel you drop in the other team’s container they will get -5 points, -10 for dimes, -25 for quarters and so on. Show support for your team and start dropping that lose change!!

All proceeds from purchases go towards caring for our lovely residents and their home!

This is a free event but donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.



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