Friday, September 2nd 2016

Hi everyone! We will be continuing our “Farm Fridays!” event for one more Friday!

barn photo 2



Head on down to the farm between the hours of 6PM & 8:30PM to partake in fun family-friendly games and activities, snack on delicious watermelon and browse our shop filled with toys, books, animal-friendly, cruelty-free snacks and much more!

All proceeds from purchases go towards caring for our lovely residents and their home!

This upcoming Friday night (9/2/16) we will be hosting a bonfire with good ol’ S’mores right around 7 PM/when it starts to get a little dark! Feel free to bring your own chairs!

Also, don’t forget that we are currently having a Penny War between the chickens and the goats of Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary! For every penny that you donate to Team Chickens/Team Goats they will get +1 point, for every nickel you drop in the other team’s container they will get -5 points, -10 for dimes, -25 for quarters and so on. Show support for your team and start dropping that loose change!!

This is a free event but donations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated.



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