About Our Gardens

Designed and planted with a purpose, our gardens beautifully dot our landscape with an array of color and movement throughout all seasons. They feature flowering perennials and annuals, shrubs, ornamental trees, and vegetables many of which attract and help sustain native insects , birds, and other wildlife. Our gardens have a paved visitor path and are open for a walk through on Saturdays when our country store and education center are open. Posted signage as well as our on-site volunteers, help educate visitors about the various plants, and design elements within our gardens.

Organic Fly Control

Farms are often synonymous with pest flies. We do our best to control these unwanted visitors during fly-season for the health, comfort, and well-being of our animals, and for the many humans who enjoy visiting them. For the past several years, we have deployed an organic fly-control program using the release of fly predators around our barns and coops. These, along with our impeccable mucking and cleaning schedules, have helped to minimize the presence of pest flies. Information about this ecologically-sound and environmentally-friendly program, can be found in our education center located within our country store.

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