Missing Cat Salem


Love & friendship have no deadline…

“Salem”, our beloved, long-time resident cat of 7 years vanished on Aug. 14, 2014 from her lifelong home here at the Lewis Oliver Farm. salem-use-this

After nearly a year of searching and worrying, we learned that someone newly visiting the farm on that fateful day had mistaken Salem for a stray and in a well-intentioned but misguided rescue effort, removed Salem from the farm and either took her home or rehomed her elsewhere. The yet-to-be-identified visitor had written about their visit to the farm and their encounter with Salem in a post that was published on a popular local Huntington Moms Facebook group page. The visitor had then made an appeal to other members of the moms group for assistance with catching and rehoming the “hapless stray”.salem-website-cover-banner

Salem was deeply loved and extremely well cared for here at the farm. The passage of time will NEVER diminish that love or our desire to resolve what has been a heartbreaking mystery surrounding her disappearance and we are asking ANYONE with ANY information to please reach out to us by calling (631) 261-6320 or by messaging us at www.facebook.com/lostcatsalem so that we can find  closure and have peace of mind knowing that our silly and forever-loved little friend has been safe and well-cared for this entire time.

Thank you!