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Friends of the Farm is a not for profit 501c-3 organization comprised of a team of volunteers responsible for the day-to-day care of the animals at the Lewis Oliver Farm, overseeing the general farm operation and maintaining the property and barns. Additionally, Friends of the Farm is responsible for raising the funds needed to pay for all animal- care related costs including food, veterinary care , equipment and housing. Thanks to our volunteers, the farm remains open for everyone to enjoy with no admission fees of any kind.

We are in need of more volunteers to help us manage all aspects of our operation from fundraising and property management to store help; all critical components to preserving the farm, taking good care of the animals and ultimately, keeping this cherished community landmark going for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • Fundraising:help stuff and distribute appeal letters, plan and manage fundraising events and help develop and execute on new ideas to garner community support.
  • Animal caretakers: Our animals are fed, watered and their living space kept clean by our dedicated team of volunteers. Feedings take place in the mornings and early evenings.
  • Property caretakers: help tidy up inside the barn, country store and around the property…there is ALWAYS work to be done! Sweeping, organizing and straightening out work spaces. We would love to get a team of weekly helpers together to manage these tasks!
  • Country Store counter help needed: The historic Lewis Oliver Country Store was revived a few years ago and is enjoyed by everyone who visits the farm. We sell ice cream, soda and other snacks as well as farm memorabilia including tshirts, prints, notecards and other unique items. The store’s primary hours of operation are Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm but we are looking to expand hours to include weekdays. Sadly, when we don’t have the volunteer help, the store remains closed which always disappointing to our visitors. We would love to keep the store up and running on a much more consistent basis as it not only makes for a more enjoyable visitor experience , it is a revenue stream that helps us cover our animal care related costs.
  • Special Projects and repairs : – we are always in need of skilled workers including handymen & women , carpenters, electricians and plumbers to help and manage the facility.

Please complete the form below and let us know which opportunities you’re most interested in.  Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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